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C3C Story - VIRUS - Part 5 - English Version


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This story is a fiction

Any resemblance to real or existing people

or situations that have existed or are real

would be pure coïncidence

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Summary of the previous part: The thieves who hid in Maria LAVAZZA's truck came to steal a particular object that they loaded in SuperZil's truck.

Then they locked the staff, SuperZil and Maria in a room.

Maria managed to open the lock. The thieves sabotaged all the vehicles to prevent any pursuit, as well as the telecommunications before leaving.

However, the tow truck driver managed to repair the starter of his truck but was injured during the repair.

In addition, the alarms were all activated at the same time so that they could be reported to UMBRELLA Corporation headquarters. And indeed, the director is warned of this anomaly and warns the Russian authorities that there is perhaps a theft because the operators of UMBRELLA do not succeed in entering in communication with the Siberian base...

As for SuperZil and Maria, they go after the thieves to find SuperZil's truck.





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